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Before and After

before and after

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 This 37 year old wife of two children always hated her smile.  Although she managed to work full-time and care for her family, she realized that she did not look happy because she rarely smiled.  Today, she cannot stop smiling.  She had two crowns and four veneers done and she "Can't believe I waited so long!"
An old crown came out during summer vacation. Of course it was a front tooth.  In desperation, and with a broken root, she decided to update her whole smile.  Today she has a look she can rely on to look good, and everything in her mouth is healthy.  "Thank you... to everyone at Beautiful Smiles".



At 75, this beautiful retired woman thought a nice smile was a thing of the past.  After a few well-placed implants, we were able to give her a smile that, she says, is " beyond my imagination." 

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