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"I went in for a normal cleaning and while there also received dental X-rays and a free 3-D of my teeth. My hygienist Mary and Dr.Stitler are both friendly and knowledgeable and care about the health of my teeth. I appreciate their recommendations. They make the whole experience pleasant!" -Susan M

"Have been going here the last few years and the staff is fun and friendly. They do a good job and the best part; No Pain!" -Craig F.

"As with every visit, everyone is very caring, warm and friendly. Every detail and need is taken care of with the utmost expertise. I have been going to Beautiful Smiles well over ten years and the professional car I have received is second to none." -Karen R

"Teresa and Amber explained each and every step as we went along in the entire procedure. I appreciated knowing what to expect along the way. Also as soon as I felt the nerve "waking up from the first anesthetic" and raised my hand. Dr. Teresa thanked me for letting her know and gave me another shot of Novocain.... As Amber worked the fit of my temporary crown (till my permanent returns from the lab.) she was so careful and patient working it's fit till it felt just right! Thank you ladies for your professionalism and genuinely kind personalities."-Jill T

"I don't know where you are currently being treated and maybe you are happy with your treatment, but I know you would be provided even better treatment at Beautiful Smiles. They are compassionate, professional, empathetic, always extremely helpful especially when required, and they are friendly and kind. They entertain my crazy thoughts which means they are also very tolerant, which is a big asset in dentistry, equally for the patient and staff. Remove any doubt you may harbor and go there, you will be pleased with your choice." -John M.

"At the age of 61, I finally decided to correct my crowded and overlapping teeth with Invisalign®. I look at my teeth now, even before my treatment is complete, and realize how much I love my smile. Even my lips have taken on a better shape. Now that my teeth are straight, I have noticed that my brushing is more effective and my smile has gotten whiter. I never realized that having crooked teeth meant that they were also harder to keep clean. Longtime friends have commented on my new, beautiful smile, and even though they know I have Invisalign, they haven’t put two and two together. It was definitely a worthy investment.- Barbara S

"Mary is the best! She takes such good care of me, explains everything and takes the time to make sure I understand what is or isn't going on. She's the best! Your staff is so pleasant, always smiling!"-Kelly S.

"I have been going to Dr. Detwiler for over 30 years ( now Beautiful Smiles), she and their great staff has not only save my teeth but also saved me from unnecessary pain at a reasonably price. At one time when I could not afford The dread X-RAYs, she waived the cost and said "it is really necessary and should be done". THAT is not only good business but customer service showing you care more about your patient then the almighty $BUCK. Thank you for the opportunity to brag about My dentist and her staff." -Clyde M

"Dr D stayed after my appointment was over, to discuss the options avail to me. She is having Jackie get together all the info and prices so when I go in next week, I will be able to make a fully thought out decision. Everyone has always been courteous and professional. Glad I switched to them."-Jennifer W

"After having not seen a dentist for 12 years, I chipped a tooth. The staff at Beautiful Smiles was able to get me in the same day! The office is open, and comfortable, with beautiful decor that evoked the feeling more of a spa than a dentist. My dental assistant, Amber, was so friendly yet professional and didn't make me feel silly for my long absence from a dentist chair! She explained everything she was doing and made me feel appreciated and comfortable. Dr. Stiteler was also as cheerful as she was knowledgeable. She explained the entire process and procedure I needed (a root canal as it turned out) and she answered all of my questions with a calming, positive, and professional manner. Over all the entire staff at Beautiful Smiles made my first dentist visit in 12 years pleasant enough that a root canal doesn't seem so bad."-Janet K

"It is a pleasure to walk in the door, and be greeted by a welcoming staff. The time in the dentist chair is a very good experience, professional, personal and gently caring, with no rush , openness to answering all questions, and with genuine concern for my comfort. Dr. Detwiler is a very special lady! Thank you hardly seems adequate, but it is from the bottom of my heart. I certainly will recommend this business to others." -Agnes G

"Perfect as always. Never thought I'd have fun at the dentist, but I do. Love everyone I come in contact with. Don't get those dreaded butterflies before I go. If you're looking to change dentist's, please give this team the opportunity to wow you." -Jen W

"I usually hate going to the dentist - who doesn't. But everyone is so friendly and nice at your office that it really takes away the stress and actually makes the visit pleasant. Mary is the hygienist who cleans my teeth and she is always so cheerful. I really like her. Alyssa is such a go-to girl. She knows what she has to do and gets it done. I can't forget Amber, who I just recently met. She is so helpful and nice. I really can't give an unbiased review since we were Terry's neighbor in Richlandtown and my girls babysat James and Christopher when they were little. I feel very confident with Terry and I wouldn't think of going to anyone else"-Dianne W